Inscribed sword blades – Lorange 1889

This book by archaeologist Anders Lorange titled ‘Den Yngre Jernalders Sværd’ is an old classic from 1889 in a large scale folio format. The topic is inscribed and pattern welded sword blades from the Viking Age with a main focus on Ulfberht inscriptions. The text may not be immediately accessible as it’s written in archaic Norwegian with a french summary, but regardless it has eight impressive full page drawings at the end.

I have digitised and cleaned up this book – please enjoy! Download my refurbished version of ‘Den Yngre Jernalders Sværd’ as a pdf (77 MB). The National Library of Norway has a more unpolished online version of the book available.

Last Updated on May 14, 2023 by Vegard Vike

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